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Google Adwords Tutorial:

You must have an excellent keyword list selected if you want to get the most out of your advertising campaign with Adwords tutorial. Google is a costly form of advertising, therefore you will definitely need to do what it takes to benefit as much as you can. With that said, let's start our training on the steps to developing a great keyword list.

To start with you need to have a core list of targeted keywords. These are the words that your customers will type in to Google search to find your goods and services. Which keywords would you use to guide people to your website? Which are the most commonly searched, with the least competition?

A great tool to answer these questions for you, and it's FREE! Ok, they do offer a better subscription for cash per year, but the free version is also a great asset to use and in most cases is enough to determine the best keywords for your target audience when using Google Adwords tutorial.

There are many different search terms that will describe what you are offering and get your customers to your website, but how can you know which ones to use when advertising your goods and services? Follow these Adwords tutorial instructions:

Adwords Tutorial 1.

Write down the search terms that you think would best suit your business I advise you choose 10 base keywords and save these into a spreadsheet on the top of your list.

Adwords Tutorial 2.

Go to freekeywords.wordtracker.com and enter your keywords in the space provided. Adwords will give you a list of keywords related to your base keyword. It will also tell you how many times these keywords have been searched. You can choose from here the higher searched keywords to add to your base keywords as an ad group.

Adwords Tutorial 3.

Key in your keywords (one at a time) into Google yourself, on the top right hand of the search results there will be a number displayed, this is the number of results for the search. If you then go and put "quotes" around your keyword in the Google search and run the search again, the number will then tell you how many websites are actually optimized for the particular keyword. Add these figures to your spreadsheet for future reference.

Adwords Tutorial 4.

Ideally you want keywords which receive a lot of searches (the number without quotes) and as little as possible optimized websites (the number with quotes). Anything under 10,000 results is great; these are the keywords you want to use.

Adwords Tutorial 5.

By now, you should have a smart list of targeted keywords. I suggest you keep track of the results of these search terms on your spreadsheet by monthly impressions so you can get a sense of which are more popular than others and which ones are working better for you.

Now that you have created a list of keywords to efficiently attract your customers it is vital create an inviting ad to bring them into your site. Google are strict with their guidelines:

* Text only
* 25 character title line
* Description of your product or service in 2 lines up to 35 characters each
* Your URL is limited to 35 characters also

It is vital that you use this space as wisely as possible to give prospects a descriptive and concise message about your product or service and to drive sales for best results.

Adwords Tutorial Title Lines:

Your title line is the first thing that your potential customer will see when searching for goods or services in which you would like to assist. With Google's affiliate network some sites will only display the title in their search results therefore with these distribution sites the only way you can propose the value of your site is through your title description.

The title is really your only chance to catch a person's attention, even when it comes along with a full description, your title line is what will catch the interest of a prospective customer, transitioning them to read further and then click on to your site.

Remember, you only have 25 characters to accomplish this! So let's go to the spreadsheet we created in the previous article. Choose your most popular keyword and write a description of your product or service around that keyword with a sales driven message to entice.

Here are a few Adwords tutorial methods that have been proven to increase clicks if you can at all use them:

Adwords Tutorial * The word 'free' will increase clicks
Adwords Tutorial * Capital letters draws attention
Adwords Tutorial * A price will increase clicks if you are offering good value

It is not hard to change your message with Adwords tutorial so you can try a few different approaches to find the right words and phrases which will generate the most clicks. It is also a good idea to compare titles with those of your competitors, this way you can ensure that yours is the most appealing and really knock them out the way.

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