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What is Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool?

The Google SKtool (Adwords keywords tool), also known as the Google search-based keyword tool, is designed to help you determine the best keywords to target in your Google Adwords keyword tool campaigns. You can use this tool to determine which keywords to target in your link building efforts as well, because it is likely that the keywords Google shows as being most relevant to your site's content will be easier to rank for.

To get started, go here and make sure you are logged in to your Google account if you are looking for Adwords keyword tool recommendations. This tool will omit any results for keywords you are already bidding on so that you won't have to sort through to try to eliminate duplicates. If the site you are trying to find keywords for is not being advertised in Adwords keyword tool, this tool may not return any results based on your actual website content.

Before you try out the tool, make sure the settings displayed under Manage settings are correct. If the language and country are incorrect, you can change them by clicking on the edit link. This is important because the number of search results displayed for each keyword will be tailored to the selected language and the geographic location.

Now, type your domain in the website box. In the next box, type any words you want to include in the keyword phrases that are returned, separated by commas. If you sell many products on your website, you can run the search for different product types separately to determine the best keywords to use for each.

After you submit the form, you'll be taken to a page displaying keyword phrases that are relevant to your site's content. The data provided for each keyword includes the number of searches per month, a gauge showing the relative amount of competition, and a recommended bid amount. The suggested bid is the approximate amount you would need to bid on the keyword in order for your ad to appear at the top three positions on the search results page.

The last two columns will not always display any data. The ad/search share column will be empty if your site does not appear on the first page of search results for the given keyword. If your site is on the front page, the data in this column will indicate the percentage of searches for which your ad was displayed as well as the percentage of the time that your site appeared in the natural search results displayed on the first page.

The last column tells you which page of your website the keyword appears on. This information will help you decide which page is the correct landing page to target for each keyword. Your conversion rates will be higher if the landing page is highly relevant to the search term.

You may find that there are far too many keywords listed to go through this report page by page. If so, you can export the entire list to a .csv file that will allow you to sort and manipulate the data however you choose. To do this, click on the Export button above the search results.

Because the Google SKtool (Adwords keyword tool) is designed for people who use Adwords keyword tool to advertise their sites, it does not return a full set of results for websites that are not associated with the Adwords keyword tool account you are logged in to. If you don't use Adwords keyword tool to promote your site, the keywords you receive will be suggestions based on the word or words you entered instead of the content of your site.

Google's Adwords Keyword Tool is an external keyword suggestion tool offered through Google Adwords. This Adwords keyword tool is a pretty good way to establish a baseline list of keyword ideas for your website. You enter a word or phrase, or alternatively, a URL, and the Adwords Keyword Tool spits back a list of related keywords and some additional traffic data. But the Adwords keyword tool stops there. It doesn't tell you what to do with those keywords or help you organize them into a usable, actionable structure.

What is an Adwords Keyword tool?

If you thought you heard the last word about Adwords keyword tools then keep reading. For anyone not familiar with what they are this is about to change forever.

Most people are familiar with using a computer and when they sign onto the internet they probably head for the Google website. There, they enter a word for an item or service for which they are searching in a search box. This may have been your first introduction to a keyword tool without you even knowing it. This is probably one of the most powerful keyword tools on the internet which most people use and take for granted.

Fast forward a few years in the last decade and you find a lot of people using the internet developing their own proprietary Adwords keyword tools. They use these Adwords keyword tools to tap into large data bases such as Google's to give them intelligence about what words people are entering in their search boxes. Why would they want to know this information and what use is it to them? Well, if you are a webmaster or sales copy writer or you are in similar field then it is vital that you know what words people use in their day to day language.

A sales copy writer who writes up the contents of web pages use these words to better communicate with the people who use them so they can be persuasive when selling to them. If you are an SEO (search engine optimization) expert these words are your stock in trade.

But you don't have to be an expert webmaster to benefit from an Adwords keyword tool. You may be starting on your first website but at whatever stage you are these tools will enhance any amount of brainstorming you do on a particular subject.

And the good news for those just starting out is how this type of software has come down in price. Can you imagine how much it costs Google to develop and maintain their search engine keyword tool capability?

How to use an Adwords keyword tool?

You can have your own Adwords keyword tool on your computer desktop in virtually no time at all. All you have to do is to decide what features and benefits you need from your Adwords keyword tool.

Some keyword software are capable of getting information from most of the top search engines such as Google etc. They can spit out thousands of keywords matching the search word you enter in the software.

They can inform you on how many times each of these words are searched in the various search engines to determine their popularity. Some can bring back advertising costs intelligence in the search engines to inform your Adwords keyword tool campaign or monetize your websites. Some can even bring back competitor intelligence to give you an unfair advantage in your business.

How do you make money with an Adwords keyword tool?

So making money with your Adwords keyword tool is the number one reason for owning one. They can easily repay their purchase price in a short space of time.

Your Adwords keyword tool will tell you what advertisers are paying to Google when bidding on keywords in the Adwords programme. This can help you to bid for the cheapest keywords with the least competition in your niche. If you are promoting your websites you can select the highest paying keywords to optimize your sites.

You can operate what they call 'arbitrage' where you are involved in both Adwords and ad sense. This is the process of bidding on the cheapest keywords as above in your Adwords campaign but you optimize your websites with the highest paying keywords to get high value clicks, and gain from the difference between the two approaches.

If your keyword tool return competitor intelligence it would be impossible to put a value on this benefit for your business.

What Adwords keyword tool to invest in?

There are many Adwords keyword tools on the market for you to choose from. You can get 'free' Adwords keyword tools on the internet by entering in the Google search box 'free keyword software' or similar terms. You will probably find free tools by Google.

You might want to try 'Good Keyword Tool' which is also a free keyword tool. If you have been involved in internet marketing for any length of time you probably have most of these already on your hard-drive.

To say that they are not useful particularly for those just starting out would be misleading as I have personally used them myself. However, another given is that at some point you will find it necessary to invest in a professional keyword tool to grow your business.

Only you can decide at what stage you are and whether to consider moving to the next level, a professional Adwords keyword tool will definitely take your business to the next level of growth. You owe it to yourself to at least have a look and decide for yourself if this is for you at this point in your business.

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